Client Testimonials

  • "Just wanted to thank you again for the great work done by you and your crew. The greenhouse looks great. I was impressed with how quickly the job got done and how nicely it was cleaned up afterwards. You and Shawn were great to work with and I would certainly recommend your company to anyone I know."
  • "Ben, We wanted to thank you for doing such great job on our home. We love how it is becoming a real masterpiece-thanks to your drawings. It has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making sure everything is done with quality in mind. We appreciate your honesty and integrity. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and Shawn. Merry Christmas!"
    Dave & Tori
  • "I have visited there three times and each time I'm more impressed with the quality of the construction. - It was just obvious to me that whoever built that house, knew what they were doing. A luxury home like yours is a completely different animal than a normal home. I know this because I recently built a 7000 square foot house on the lake in Island Park which was my first experience at that type of building. I think rather than pointing to one or two things that impressed me I would have to say it was more the entire package. Like Marvin windows, design, distressing, eight foot doors, flooring. All of these things have to come together to have a great product. Some people have that talent and most don't."
    Comments from a potential client after they visited one of our projects under construction.
  • "This was the first time I have worked with a builder that stayed on schedule and on budget. You can have anyone call me anytime if you need a recommendation."
  • "I love the fire pit and the pizza oven. You guys have been really good to work with. Thanks."
  • "Huge difference between the 2 companies. B&B is a pleasure to work with. You guys are organized, worked within our budget, offered ideas on how to improve the home, made changes to the plans as needed, and stuck to the time-line. Hands down you are the better choice."
  • "The cleaners finished up around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. They were there a LONG time cleaning up all the dust. My hat’s off to them. The glass was installed yesterday! It looks 1,000% better than the original glass. It was definitely the right call to replace it.

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how fantastic the place looks now that all the plastic is down and the dust is gone. It has far exceeded my expectations. Also, thanks for completing the project on schedule. We are so happy to have it finished in time for my Mom and sister arriving on Wednesday."
  • "B&B Builders was chosen as one of the first Preferred Builders for Teton Springs, All Season Resort Community in 1993 and I have worked with them for the past 5 years, representing them in selling their homes and working with clients who were looking for a quality builder. They have proven time and time again to be reliable, responsible, honest and trustworthy builders. They pride themselves on quality of construction, attention to detail, and unique design elements which are all evident in every home I have listed and sold for them.

    When it came time for my husband and I to choose a builder for our personal residence, there was no reason for us to look any further than B&B Builders. Their exceptional reputation for being easy to work with, open to new ideas, as well as their timeliness in completing a job, were all important factors to us and the reason we chose to work with them on the design and construction of our dream home. From the beginning to the end of the 13 month project, we were very impressed by the level of communication we received from our Construction Supervisor, Ryan Harris. Ryan was great about always taking the time to answer questions and explain all of our options, and his follow-up on every detail was quite impressive. We had weekly meetings with Ryan and Ben to make sure there were no surprises with regard to where we stood on budget, finish options, and schedules. It was quite obvious to us throughout the building process that B&B had worked hard to establish and maintain strong relationships with all of their sub-contractors, which is critical for a successful project.

    We have been enjoying our new home for several months now and we love every detail. Our experience with B&B was really wonderful and it’s great to know that even though our home is completed they are still only a phone call away if we ever have a question or need assistance with any aspect of our new home."
    Bonny Etchemendy
  • "The relationship that has been established between our 2 companies is what we strive for at Johnson Brothers. Brent your people are some of the most honest, caring, and professional tradesman we do work with.

    Keep up the good work."
    E.J. – Johnson Brothers
  • "I must say that Ben Johnson went the extra mile to resolve this situation and has again shown that he approaches the issues on his projects in an even handed and professional manner. B&B has been a pleasure to work with so far and I expect the completion of the Willowbrook project will continue in the same manner.

    Best regards, Roy."
    Roy W. Cronacher, Pres.& CEO - Cronacher Corporations
  • "It is reassuring to both Patty & me that when we have any situation we may call on B & B Builders. The best I can say may not be sufficient. Ryan Harris went beyond his call of duty to help us out with the gas leak in our fire pit. At one point, you could only see his feet sticking straight in the air as he was digging upside down. Ryan's perseverance paid off and our deck, yard and fire pit was repaired and put back together by days end.

    B & B Builders offers a great product to your customers and equally important you have a competent work force. Thank you for always being there."
    Sincerely, The Crawfords
  • "Brent I want to thank you, Ben, Shawn and all the people that we are working with. You are really lovely people and I am very impressed. I cannot tell you how comfortable from a feminine point of view I am working with your people. There is not one of them that I would not want as a guest in my home. They are patient, kind, intelligent, and talented. There are no confrontations and there is a sincere desire to build the house to fit our needs and satisfaction. Thank you. I do feel God's blessing in all this. Your team is the best in my book! Many thanks and blessings to you."